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Premises Update

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We have been working hard to plan our new space, here is a bit of what we have been up to

In the garden we have made the best use of the space we can to provide the children with the most learning opportunities, we have a water wall for children to build a path for the water, the old pond has been converted into a picnic table for picnics, drawing, reading etc, this can be folded down to create an enclosed space for small world play and the other half has been made into an enclosed sandpit for mark-making, digging and general play.
We have a playhouse to aid role play, a nature area for us to observe the animals in their natural environment with the use of birdfeeders, birdhouses and bug hotels as well as a swing, slide and seesaw set for physical play and a table and chair area for quiet play in addition to patio and grassed area for general play!

We still have the music area and the planting area to do which we hope to have done in the next few weeks!

Moving inside we have a conservatory set up with a role play area with a play kitchen and dress up as well as board games and puzzles and a cosy corner containing books, music and comfortable seating
In the lounge we have lots of other boxes full of resources which the children are encouraged to choose from- each box is labelled with the word to aid letter recognition and a picture of the items inside so the children can see what they are choosing